1981 Bally Flash Gordon. Restored 2008.

1981 Bally Flash Gordon. Restored 2008.

Types of equipment I work on:

Commercial pinball machines of every era, baseball machines (pitch-and-bat), shuffle alleys, Electro-mechanical arcade games (1946-@ 1980) Electronic arcade games (@1970-present), trade stimulators, rifle games. If you have a game not fitting these criteria, call.


Pinball machines: Full restorations, shop jobs (A clean-up and tune-up procedure), electronic and mechanical repair, cabinet restoration, pinball playfield restoration, automotive urethane clear coating, playfield swaps.

All other devices: Full restorations, repair/refurbishment and "Multicade" arcade game conversions.

Game locator services: With my contacts and considerable sourcing ability, I'd be happy to help you track down that favorite machine of your childhood, or the one you'd always dreamed of owning! (Mine was the TRON arcade game)


I work with people of all budgets; those who want a nice, solid game, and those that want the very best, concours-quality restoration available-with options the factory didn't provide. Most games tend to financially appreciate over time, nevertheless, I will give an honest opinion on "how much" should be spent on a particular game if this is important to you.

 Pinning down a "ballpark" figure is difficult, but the average EM (score reel equipped) pinball restoration is about 1900.00, with a margin of around +/-30% depending on present game condition. A full restoration (at this price point) averages about 70 hours of labor and includes full refinishing of playfield, cabinet, all hardware and replacement of any failed, cracked, corroded or otherwise imperfect parts. My "past restos" page shows completed examples of this process.

If you've been looking at adding a really wonderful piece of Americana in an arcade game or pinball machine, give me a call and we'll get started.

Warranties: 30-day warranties are included in completions of full restorations within the Dallas/Ft Worth area. Outside of DFW, unlimited phone support and locating your local technician (if available) is included for the current owner.

Shipping games: Not a problem! I can help those unfamiliar with shipping games to and from my place of business. 

Keith Holbrook, Total Pinball Restorations, (817)914-3069, keithholbrook@sbcglobal.net