1966 Bally Campus Queen

Taken at the Texas Pinball Festival, 2005.

1958 Gottlieb Roto Pool

1958 Gottlieb Roto Pool




From a very young age, I found fascination with art and electronics, which automatically meant I found pinball machines and arcade games particularly interesting. As I made my way through electronics courses in the US military and later on, art classes in college, the time eventually came around to buy my first pinball machine. I discovered I enjoyed working on them more than I did playing!

Games restoration involves myriad disciplines including carpentry, electronics, mechanical repair, fabrication, an eye for the aesthetic, and several forms of art creation and restoration.

A love of not just the pinball machine, but of the culture of collecting games and the wonderful people involved spurred a true passion.  Since 2003, I've been restoring pinball machines and all manner of other gaming machines for folks regionally and nationwide.

In 2012, I went full-time restoring games- and 98% of this work has been repeat business or word-of-mouth referral. An eye for detail and a genuine caring of these historical icons of pop culture continue to perpetuate my business and move my work forward.

I am based in Grapevine, Texas, and consider it a privilege to serve folks with my talents and skills.